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Default Re: Problem installing NVIDIA driver in Debian Linux

reposting this in the linux section will get you more help. That said (I don't know your level of experience, mines low)

X-server is your graphical interface. log in and open a terminal and log in as root.

"init 3" will kill your X in debian(minus quotes of course)

Run your sh

Then either do "init 5" or "startx" to bring your gui back up.

I think the nvidiaxconfig is installed with the 9746's, open that and set your resolution, apply and save to xorg.conf.

If after a reboot your gui doesn't come up, log in as root, do "nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf" to open your xorg.conf, search for the driver section and change "nvidia" to "nv", this should give you your gui back, trouble shoot from there. Good luck with it!
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