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Default 8800GTX & SuSe 10.2 = BlackScreen

Anyone out there got SUSE 10.2 & the Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX working together.
I tried the drivers supplied but SUSE just hangs with a black screen when you try to restart X

Edit: Well after many hours of playing with Xorg.conf and trying all kinds of stuff.. I've gotten the 3D working to a degree. 3D Screensavers work at full speed
and the NVidia logo appears at boot.. but If you log off, it hangs at a blackscreen.. have to shutdown/restart.. cant logout
and none of the 3D Desktop effects work.. can't enable em.. pfft..

I really don't know why I keep trying to get 3D working in linux... sucker for pain I guess..

Happy NewYears

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