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Default Re: Setting Native Panel Resolution??? 1.0.9746

Originally Posted by netllama
You could try doing TV-Out with Component out, but the modes that area available will be hardcoded to what each TvStandard provides.
One other thing that is interesting. Immediately after the Nvidia splash screen, the fedora loading screen (screen where the horizontal bar moves across the screen) appears to be in a resolution higher than the "normal" 1280x720. Is it possible to identify this resolution and see if it's possible to recreate it? Once the bar makes it way all the way across the screen, the resolution changes back to 1280.

Also, how do I set the native resolution so that I can scale the screen appropriately using the nvidia x-server config tool? It stays on 1280x720 and I don't see a way to change it.

Thanks for the continued help!
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