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Default Re: E6600 + Zalman 9700 Temp Check Please (luv a newb - it's Christmas!)

I just built a similar system--E6600/GA965P-DQ6. Starting to OC. Your results are nice. I'm cooling with a Zalman 9500. My first go with intel proc as well--previously AMD loyalist--until C2D came on scene. Confused by some of the Gigabyte bios stuff--flashed to F7. Did you lock your Vcore and keep upping CPU FSB until it needed more juice? I noticed that if you set voltages to auto, the bios begins upping Vcore early in the game. When did you first have to start upping the Vcore? I locked the PCI-E at 100. Don't see a spot to lock PCI at 33 though. Memory is 1GB x2 Patriot DDR@ 800 EPP. With 1:1 ratio, there is a huge amount of CPU FSB room available before you get close to 800 MHz on the RAM. Would you mind posting your bios settings from the MIB section for me to review. I'd like to make sure I get it right the first time.
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