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Ah, I forget... English idioms (well... mostly).

The BIOS writer is the person (or organization) that put the code together that runs your BIOS. They're the people that decide, among other things, which settings to allow you to change, and which to completely hide.

A LART is a Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool, courtesy of the BOFH archives (current BOFH incarnations can be found linked from Oftentimes, it takes the form of a two-by-four, about four feet long, but it could be a baseball bat as well. Or an electrical shocking device. Or something -- you get the idea, I think.

I was just blowing off steam at the ten tons of organizations that are either completely clueless (the ones that think "assign IRQ to VGA" can cause problems), or are so pro-Microsoft that they actively break other operating systems.

That post wasn't intended to be a solution, unfortunately.
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