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Default Re: Setting Native Panel Resolution??? 1.0.9746

Originally Posted by blah66
But that' just it. I can't change anything that you see on that screen. How do I change the scaling? Obviously I'm trying to increase the scale as best I can. What currently happens is that I'm losing information on the left and right of my screen. (1280 vs. 1366)

You would not gain any information by scaling the screen. In fact you would just loose the sharpness of the image.

Most likely your TV is not capable of accepting its native resolution via HDMI port. This is really a quite common situation. LCDs and plasmas tend to accept 720p and 1080i from the digital inputs and native resolution from VGA input.

But if your TV does accept native resolution from digital input, but just doesn't tell it in EDID, you must create a modeline for the resolution and ask the screen to use it in your xorg.conf. Google gave this modeline for your Vizio:

ModeLine "1366x768" 85.5 1366 1414 1526 1798 768 771 777 795 +hsync -vsync
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