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Default mplayer & xmms problems!

When I use mplayer to play any video format using the standard "xv" driver or use the mpeg layer plugin on xmms after a period of time (varies) i end up with the video stream in the top left hand corner of the screen, with a seriously green tinge. Also on the screen is the last frame or so of the stream which flickers back and forth ........

On restarting X this problem is fixed (but if you're trying to watch a 2-3 hour film and having to restart X every 5-30 min, you give up fairly quickly)

You may also note that the problem does not occour when using other drivers ... gl2 and x11 are 2 which I've tried for a number of hours with no side effects.

I am running Debian with kernel version 2.4.19-pre8-ac5, and compiled the most recent drivers with gcc version 2.95.4.
My mother board is an ASUS A7V motherboard, with a 4x AGP slot ... having read somewhere in the documentation that there were problems with writing to the card at this speed, the bios has set the speed to 2x ...... the error did not disapear however.

This error occoured after an upgrade i did which involved the upgrading of many things including the driver, but after downgrading to an older driver i still get the same problem.

This would all imply that there's a configuration file somewhere that's messed up, but i've played with XF86Config-4 extensively, but with no success.

If anyone could help I'd be very grateful ....

many thanks
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