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Default Re: New 7900 GT CO SC Overclock

Originally Posted by grey_1
Nice overclock Slippe! I've just started pushing my old 7800GT's, nice difference a little overclock makes!
Thanks! I don't get it though, I haven't done anything different. It seems if you clock your card, then later on you can push it a little more and so on and so on. Before, with the same drivers, I couldn't get my memory past 850 no matter what. The highest I've been able to get the core is 730, but I've read that there is no real difference when it reaches the 690 or 700 mark and can actually slow down performance when pushed above that. That is the reason I've lowered the clock back down to 690. I'm very happy with my current overclock. R6Vegas runs pretty damn sweet! (plus other games)
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