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Default Re: Solarsi 10 (6/06) crash

Originally Posted by netllama
touch /reconfigure

is far more destructive than just doing a "reboot -- -r". It basically wipes out all system specific configurations and forces you to reconfigure them, which is normally not what you'd want for a system which is already working fine.

I'd be curious why a user of Solaris told you that doing a "reboot -- -r" is dangerous, as that command is the method that Sun recommends.
I beg to differ. "touch /reconfigure" and "reboot -- -r" do exactly the same thing. The only thing more "destructive" would be doing a "devfsadm -C" which removes device links that it does not find. I use "touch /reconfigure" exclusive since I will guarantee that the device configure will occur no matter what happens during the shutdown.
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