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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2007

Originally Posted by SH0DAN
Xion you should be proud,as that system is totally kickass !!! I had a cheapy 50$ Fuji FinePix A101 that died on the 22nd,when i rebuilt
using my Soprano (Xmas gift from the wifey)She has given me permission to pickup a new digital camera for under 200 this week,so by early next week
I will post a bunch of pics.My Cheetahs are ancient,but damn fast with my Mylex caching controller !! I did a very good job on the wiring
and cant wait to find out what you all think.Kudos to all so far,great pics and Happy New Year !!!!!!!
Hehe, thanks. You know, if you need a good digital camera, I took those pics of mine w/ one I bought for 129.99$ off newegg about 2 months ago. It's an Olympus FE-120. The clarity is amazing.. pay no attention to the pics in the dark because I wasn't using a flash and the picture doesn't come out as good. I just did that because I wanted the blue lights to show. But you can see on the close up shots of the inside when I use the flash how well it focuses and how clear the image is. I actually scaled down the quality a bit so the file wasn't too large to upload here.

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