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Default Possible Graphics Card Problem on Ubuntu 6.10

This is a post I made in the Windows Forum section, which I think could also be addressed by the community here in the nVidia Linux Forum:

Title: Possible Graphics Card Problem on XP
I have an nVidia GeForce4 MX 440 card. Whenever I browse the Internet (using XP), I often find my PC either crashing or hanging still often when I visit a webpage requiring flash (which is virtually most websites). I have tried to reformat my PC and all but no luck. I also tried reinstalling, updating, and even downgrading my Flash Player but it didn't solve anything.

I don't know if this will help, but my PC (which also has a Linux Ubuntu 6.10 Installed) also hangs and crashes in a similar situation under the Ubuntu 6.10. However, with the proprietary nVidia driver uninstalled, my computer doesn't crash. So, I thought maybe my graphics card is the problem.

Is this so? If yes, does anyone know how to fix it?
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