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Default Crashes on console switch (HP/Compaq laptop)

Laptop: Compaq Presario v6030 (AMD/nVidia based)
OS: FC6 x86_64
Video: Built-in GeForce GO 6150
Drivers: nvidia 9629

1) Install the nVidia video drivers.

Ok, so after this my machine boots up, loads into X with no problems, network works, system isn't crashing as long as I stay in X. However, now when I change to another console (Ctrl-Alt-Fx) the whole system crashes and I need to do a hard-reboot.

Results of this Ctrl-Alt-Fx are either:
1) Get a solid coloured screen (usually Red) and the machine is just frozen.
2) Get an odd coloured screen (i.e. blue) with white text and the machine will crash in under 60 seconds (i.e. I might have just enough time to type in the username/password to log in).

I've heard of others having this same problem with HP laptops, but haven't seen a working solution yet. Everything else works great (there is an occasional crash on shutdown, but without this problem resolved I can't tell if it's related). I can use Direct Rendering, OpenGL, etc... but just can't switch to a console. I can not run the nv bug report tool after the crash as it is a hard crash (can not remote in from another machine).

I've tried about a dozen "potential" solutions, and still have yet to find one that actually works - so here I am looking for more ideas. Anyone?
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