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Originally posted by JohnsonLKD
Yay! this game works with Quin. AA with blazing speed. Thank you! You made me to play this QUAKE again... Thanks!

The single player mission started - game worked more than 30FPS. (1024*768*32/Smooth too!/the FPS is between 25(The worst) to 120!) But the starting area (where you can choose difficulty) is kinda slow. (Actually, only that area)

Shadow looks awesome, bumpmapping looked awesome first time, but nah... (Actually it's cool, but not as I expected)

Does anyone know where to download the VIS patch ?(Water tranparency)

Now I want Quake 2 patch!

Thanks again, bud. May the force be with you...
the VIS patch is on the guy's page.

edit: correction, neither of those links seems to be working
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