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Default Re: New 7900 GT CO SC Overclock

Originally Posted by SLippe
What do you have your 7800 at?
They're currently at 480/525. My cores seem to like the oc alot, my memory seems really really touchy. I've also got my x2 at 240x10 and 2-3-5-3. I was at 2500, but I must have done something wrong, too unstable. So I'm just studying the mobos settings and benching it hard for a few days at a time. I'll get my 2500 (or more) back, Just want to do it right.

As far as my cards, I'm not expecting much more really. Auto detect used to always top out at 515 give or take, and I need these to last a while longer.

Bloody kids eating up my upgrade money.
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