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Default Re: E6600 + Zalman 9700 Temp Check Please (luv a newb - it's Christmas!)

Oppsss I lied - or wasn't thinking I guess.

My Overclock is not 3.775 (the one I'm sticking with). It's:
3.375 Ghz (pretty much still a 1Ghz overclock - FREAKY!)
1500Mhz FSB

That gives the 1:1 memory ratio that you don't see again until about 3.66Ghz.

At that overclock so far my temps are 42-46C with mild desktop work. Maybe 55C max in games from what I've seen over the last few days.

You have to go "unlinked" in the BIOS for memory.
Then if I was you, I'd go for what I did or around 3.4Ghz with the Vcore set at 1.45v

Then, I'd boot and see if SuperPI 32M runs (dual run to take both cores to 100%). That should take about ~25 minutes to finish.

If that has no errors then turn down your Vcore a couple of notches and try it again.... You're goal would be to get down to 1.35v or a little less with no SuperPI errors. When you get to the bottom Vcore - start Prime95. If it doesn't crash within 2 hours, you have a 90% chance it will go on for 24 hours with no errors. If Prime95/Orthos does crash, take the Vcore back up two notches. At that point you really should have a stable overclock and a 99% chance of Prime95/Orthos running for 24 hours. I just go 12 hours myself. 24 hours is a little bit overkill if you ask me. I have *never* seen Prime95 go past 2 hours and then have an error later on. I think the only reason that would happen is if you were right on the edge of a stable overlock. 99% of the time you're going to be a little over or a little under a stable overclock.

That's the fastest method I think... start high on the Vcore, get your desired overclock and then go down a couple of Vcore notches at a time. A lot of people are running 3.4Ghz at 1.35Vcore. The odds are anyone can with good cooling and 1.35V to 1.40V.

good luck!
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