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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Hello and a Happy New Year to everybody!

Long time since the last post here. Mean time Santa got me a new PC and the FSX. I general I'm happy with the the FS but I have some issues, so I come tothis forum.

I have E6600, got it running at 3.15Mhz (350x9) air cooled, ASUS P5W DH, 2MB corsair PC800 (1:1 5,5,5,15), 8800GTX (latest driver) and WD150,10.000rpm. FS running on 1920x1080 with all (or most of them) tweeks mentioned on this forum. Sliders generally in the middle. But here is the thing:

if I set FPS slider to Max frames/sec, I get values jumping from 5 to 60 even when on the ground not moving. When moving there are anoing hickups: first smooth flow for 0.5-1 sec then everithing jumps forwardfor a few frames. (hmm, now I find it difficult to explain). It's worse close to the groung with lots of objects.
When I limit FPS to 20/24 FPS it is not so apparent. But I find 20 FPS not enough when using TrackIR (Natural Point). It's just too difficult for the eyes to follow quick moves of the had.

I don't know what could be the problem. I have the feeling that the 8800GTX is able to give 30-35FPS or more. It is smooth but with hickups everi second or so. I haven't seen this with FS9 on the old computer. There, low FPS was just low FPS without the hickups.

Here and there I also get black scenery area flashes (or clouds).

Any ideas? Driver problem? 8800GTX problem?

Has someone similar PC configuration? Any sugestions on clock/voltage/latency configuraqtion?

Thanks in advance for any help. I hope someone still reads this forum since there was none for a long time.
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