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Default PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem

I recently got a used PNY PCI Express Geforce 6800. It runs fine in windows, but I'm getting some freezes in World of Warcraft, the only game I've really tested it yet. What happens is sometimes the game freezes for ~10-20 seconds, then continues fine. Other times it freezes, and I have to ctrl alt del to reboot, or it just reboots itself. Most noticeable is it crashed to desktop with the graphics in safe mode capability. it said the "nv_4 drivers stopped working" and to reboot to fix it (which worked).

It's fairly random as to when a freeze occurs, I've gone over an hour without one. I'd appreciate any help in fixing this, or determining whether the card is defective and can't be worked around. (it'll be a bad first ebay experience).

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