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Default Re: 7600GT scrolling peformance in Fedora6

Originally Posted by naenyc
The scrolling seems awfully slow and jerky when using Firefox. On an Athlon 64 3400+ with a 7600GT it can consume up to 90% of the CPU when dragging the slider.
- Does this also occur if you switch to grayscale-Antialiasing (no subpixel AA)

- Could you please run an oprofile run and post the results here? First of all you need to have oprofile installed, of course ;-)
1.) (all as root) opcontrol --reset
2.) opcontrol --start --no-vmlinux
3.) do your slow scrolling for a minute or so, let no other programs run, that would invalidate the benchmark.
4.) opcontrol --stop
5.) Post the first 25 lines of opreport -l here

I bet this is due the very limited 2D driver implementation of the NVidia binary driver.

Thanks, lg Clemens
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