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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

First of all, check out this link which helped me a lot to understand how overclocking works with P5B and C2D.

My BIOS settings:

FSB: 460
DRAM Freq: DDR2-920
PCIe Freq: 100
PCI Clock: 33,33Mhz
Spread Spectrum: Disabled
Memory voltage: 2,1v
CPU vcore: 1,325v
FSB TermV: 1,3v
NB Vcore: 1,45v
SB Vcore: 1,5v
ICH ChipsetV: 1,052v

Modify Ratio Support: Enabled
Ratio CMOS setting: 7 (CPU multiplier)
C1E Support: Disabled
MaxCPUid: Disabled
Vanderpool: Disabled
CPU TM function: Enabled
Execute DisableBit: Enabled
PECI: Disabled
Intel Speedstep: Disabled

Memory Remap Feature: Disabled
Configure DRAM timing by SPD: Enabled
Static Read Control: Disabled

As you can see, I tried to max out the FSB as far as possible and I run the memory at 4-4-4-12 @ 920mhz (1:1 FSB). FSX is one of the few programs that actually likes memory bandwidth and ran a little smoother with a higher FSB and lower CPU multi (460x7 = 3,22Ghz) instead for instance the other way (405x8 = 3,24Ghz).

Iīm also running my memory with the automatic latencies setting (by SPD) in the BIOS, mainly because I was to lazy find the best setting for the memory, which can be a very time consuming procedure. I was surprised when the 4-4-4-12 timings were automatically used, after all the memory is running still below specs voltage (2,1v instead of 2,2v) but already at 920mhz. Iīm not complaining, everything is super stable incl. dualprime95, dual superpi for many hours (7+) and performance is nice. I might look into manual settings when I have enough time, maybe I will be able to lower the latencies below 4-4-4-12.

Temperature is pretty good as well, CPU idles around 38-39C (in Everest and CoreTemp) and max. heat load was 55C with dualprime95 after several hours. I personally didnīt see such a huge temperature difference between Everest, Coretemp and the BIOS readout. Iīm running my C2D at stock voltage, I only need 1,4v for 3,4+Ghz but that is (IMO) not worth it for me because the temps go to 60C and my FSB/memory bandwidth is lower as well (425x8).

If I was you, I wouldnīt worry too much about the different temperature readings as long as they donīt go above 60C. Just stick to one and forget the others because it seems like some interpret the sensor info a little different.

Good luck!

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