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Default Re: nForce 4 corrupting data written to HDD

Originally Posted by domasj
I had a computer with nForce 2 it was working very well.
It most likely happens with several nForces. I'll definitely know it for nforce Professional 2200 and 2050 and nforce 4.

Originally Posted by domasj
However, when I changed the computer to a newer one I transferred a PATA disk to the new computer and it didn't last a month till I get first ext3 inconsistency. When fsck passed everything were looking all right till it started to happen more frequently in the end. Some system files seemed corrupted and were being load.
Thus, I decided to do a clean debian amd64 in my second SATA disk. I have been living happy since recently it started to show the same signs. Now it boots with some scary messages appearing and it stops when it cames to starting xorg (nvidia logo flashes a few times) and a message appears that xorg startup didn't suceed. Even mplayer segfaults.
I don't have a spare HDD to corrupt right now but I will probably get one after the week end. Then I will be able to something more.
I would be glad if you looked at the mailing list I wrote about. There are some more sophisticated problem reports than mine is.
If you actually suffer from "our" problem at lkml,.. than the errors you describe here (boot messages, filesystem errors) are most likely "random" errors that results from corruptions that happened to involved files or filesystem parts.
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