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Default Re: Languages you know

Originally Posted by oc2k1
It's easy to learn a new programming language in a day or two, but then you can't use it because you don't know any libraries. I think it would be better to add the libraries and other knowlege to the list:
Yeah, good point. I doubt anybody writes anything in C++ without using some external libraries.

-C++ with QT, OpenGL, SDL (and several of its sub-libraries)
-Java, recently with Servlets
-Some PHP (and various other web stuff: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, SSI...which is starting to stretch the definition of a language TBH)
-Python with PyQT
-Smalltalk (And if I ever work somewhere that they ask me to use that awful, backwards, arbitrary, order of operations disrespecting language I will quit)
-Was introduced to ML and Prolog in school, but off the top of my head I couldn't write anything in them anymore.
-BASIC - probably still have more years of this than anything else because I started pretty young and didn't get into C++ until my senior year of high school.
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