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Unhappy Can't get nvidia driver working with Riva TNT2 - pls help!

OK, been pounding away at this for about a week, and am finally about to throw in the towel - I have run the installer for 4363 successfully, and made the changes to XF86Config as indicated - when I try to goto runlevel 5 (telinit 5) the screen flickers, goes blank, and I have to reboot (ctrl-alt-del). I notice that in the Xfree86.0.log file the GLX and NVIDIA builds are for an earlier version (of XFree86?) than all of the other modules / drivers. Don't know if this has beans to do with the problem..

I have disabled the memory hole and disabled PNP O/S in my bios setup as well.

I've atttached my XFree86.0.log and XF86Config files (both have a .Joe extension -just ignore it) from my latest run - I have run the latest installer from Nvidia, which ran successfully. I am running RH 9.0, 2.4.20-8 on the following:

your video card : Asus Riva TNT2 Model 64 / Model 64 Pro NV5M64
- your driver version : 4363
- your distribution: RH 9.0
- your video bios revision (look in /proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0 while X is running) - I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING IN THIS PATH BEYOND DRIVER (OTHER THAN "RTC")- COULD THIS BE PART OF THE PROBLEM?
- your processor - PII-350
- your motherboard model (especially if you're having lockups) - Asus P2B (Circa '99)

I'm relatively new at Linux, but getting more dangerous by the day. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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