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Default Re: E6600 + Zalman 9700 Temp Check Please (luv a newb - it's Christmas!)

Originally Posted by nippyjun
Core 2 Duo Processor: e6600
Overclocked to: 3.3
IDLE TAT temperature:52
Orthos LOAD TAT temperature: 64
TAT Load temperature: low 70's
CPU Cooling Solution Name: zalman 9700
Voltage: 1.4
Ambient room temperature 75 farenheit
Case temp 30 centigrade.

Given my voltage, overclock, case and ambient temps, do my cpu temps seem too high.
I would have thought that with the zalman 9700 that my temps would be lower. I reaplied the arctic silver 5 too see if it would help but it has not.
Maybe since my room temp and case temps are pretty warm this is the best the zalman can do.

You're Idle temp is about 7C hotter than mine. That could simple be a difference in case air flow. I have 4 case fans...

Otherwise, the only thing that would make a difference is thermal goo installation. I did it exactly the way the Artic Silver website says to do it:
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