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Default Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem

Yeah I have the 93.71 drivers. I first installed the drivers from the CD, had the problem, did the add/remove thing, and installed the new ones.
I have a Pentium 4, 2.8GHZ, 3.12gigs of ram (don't know kind), Windows XP version 2002 service pack 2, the mobo is Intel® Desktop Board D915GEV1 (
I looked at properties in device manager for the processor and it says
Not sure if that helps.

I used riva tuner to watch the temperature when playing world of warcraft. played a battleground (w/o freezing). It was at 49 degrees celsius when idling at desktop, it peaked at 61 degrees during gameplay, which I believe isn't high at all.

I appreciate the help, thanks
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