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Default Re: console/HD on lcd or plasma?

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Hey ad hoc... can you post any pictures of your set? I am thinking about getting the HL-S5087W (which is practically the same thing, but cheaper and a few features, like PIP, short from what I have read on AVS)...

Sure, I have a few pics. Let me know if you want something more detailed. The stand is the Samsung Stand for the HLSxx87W/HLSxx88W series... AFAIK, the 87 series has a SILVER bar under the Samsung name and where the buttons are. The 88 series (mine) has a glossy black metallic finish.

I'm also including a VGA vs. Component @ 1080p compare shot... The first compare shot is component, second VGA (also embedded in the names).

Also of note: I've noticed that the VGA seems to have "noisy" blacks (I have the MS VGA cable), whereas the component looks fine. This is noticable in dark scenes; dark backgrounds look grainy... For example, the opening title screen for Lego Starwars II, the starfield background looks much better with component than with VGA.

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