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Default Re: Question about memory speeds/ ratio/ and the math involved...

i'm trying to figure this out too, cuz i'm having a brain fart trying to get my RAM & CPU to run 1:1

so 1334/4 =333 that means your RAM has to be 333*3 which is 999 maybe 1Ghz now thats i believe 2:3 ratio in order for 1:1 i think we have to run at 666Mhz of RAM

i'm not sure can anyone clarify this while i enjoy my brain fart

ok my brain fart is slowly clearing the air, i believe what i said up there is correct.. now lets say if you run your Proc at 420 which is 420*4 = 1680Mhz BUS now in order for the memory to run at 1:1 it has to be 420*2 = 840Mhz
I wonder if we can gain any performace running at 1:1
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