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Default 1080i on Hitachi Alis PDP (42PD5000)


I am trying to get 1080i (or 720p for that matter) to work on my Hitachi plasma screen.

Using Windows MCE/XP this is relatively easy. Just enable HDTV TV output modes on the DVI port, accept the hundred pages long warning that nvidia take no risks if you fry you screen due to unstandard resolutions and you get 720p or 1080i.

One problem is that the support for these modes are not announced through EDID.
(--) NVIDIA(0): Established Timings:
(--) NVIDIA(0): 640 x 480 @ 60 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 640 x 480 @ 72 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 640 x 480 @ 75 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 800 x 600 @ 56 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 800 x 600 @ 60 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 800 x 600 @ 72 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 800 x 600 @ 75 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 1024 x 768 @ 70 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 1024 x 768 @ 75 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0):
(--) NVIDIA(0): Standard Timings:
(--) NVIDIA(0): 640 x 480 @ 85 Hz
(--) NVIDIA(0): 800 x 600 @ 85 Hz

However, if you check: on page 41, you will find these modes listed as supported.

I have tried a bunch of modlines for 1080i support I have found on the net as well as modeline calculators. No luck so far. The PDP just displays Invalid Scan Frequency.

Also, the nvidia drivers seems to ignore any modeline I insert for 1080i unless I enable
Option "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "true"
adding various ModeValidation or UseEdid settings does not help. The errors just changes.

I started testing mythtv because the disk for my MCE died a couple of days ago and I figure I could have a look at mythtv again as I like the way mythtv seems to be heading better than vistas MCE support. Otherwise I could simply boot windows again and have a look at what scan frequencies the windows nvidia driver used.

It would be nice if similar settings used for the windows driver could be enabled for the linux driver with the pre-programmed TV standards that could be forced out on the DVI. They seem to be available for TV-OUT (Option "TVStandard" "HD1080i"), so why not DVI as well?

I have attached my xlog in case someone has good ideas on how to make this work.

It has a lot of strange stuff in it right now as I have been testing a lot (I have just downgrade from the latest nvidia driver to an older version to see if it made any difference so this log file is from 8774 and not the last driver), so yes there are strange settings there but I am including it mainly for the EDID output.

I also tried to make a custom edid file, but the driver complains that any edid file I give it is invalid. Even if I just use the output from nvidia-xconfig --extract-edids-from-file=/var/log/Xorg.0.log so I gave up that idea pretty quickly.
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