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Default Re: Crashes on console switch (HP/Compaq laptop)

Second to latest. I specify this just to rule it out. HP does not support BIOS update except from a windows utility. I did manage to track down phlash16 and gave that a try (after many hours of trying to get a dos boot - i have no floppy) - but it just complained about descriptor media or some such. It seems there will be no new bios updates unless I reinstall windows some day for some reason.

The good thing is that I'm not alone in this problem. Searching this forum, and others, I was able to track down other people with similar problems. For example, right here:
Though they do not specify their hardware. I know at least one other person on a different forum has an HP laptop with a GO 6150 though, so it seems this laptop is just the cream of the crop. (Hurray for cheap laptops!)

At least the drivers have slowly been making their way to usable:
8776: Computer crashes on X startup.
9625: First version that worked with "tweaks" before compiling.
9631: Computer crashes when Ctrl-Alt-Fx to other console.
9746: Computer black screen when Ctrl-Alt-Fx to other console (or closing X).

Seems like I'm only one version off for a perfectly working version.

I am happy to provide any other system logs that I can. It now seems that this isn't just for my use anymore, but for all those people getting black-screens. I will just be a little slow in my turn-around time as my laptop is unaccessible from my workplace.
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