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Unhappy 1.0-4363 still doesn't work on Dell I8200 with GeForce 440 Go 32 MB

Dear all,

as with the previous release, a native 1400x1050 resolution doesen't work on my Dell I8200 with a GeForce 440 Go, 32 MB. When X starts up, the mouse pointer is displayed properly, but the screen is unreadable showing only horizontal stripes. However, all lower resolutions than 1400x1050 work properly, but do not look nice. With the 1.0-4191 driver 1400x1050 have been working, but using the same XF86Config-4 with 4363 doesn't work.
I also tried different modelines, several options as described in the README, disabeling AGP, but nothing helped so far. Has anyone experience with 4363 on a Dell I8200, yet? I couldn't find any useful information in the XFree86.0.log (see file attached).

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