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Default Quick help needed. E6600 temps, not overclocked.

Ok, this thing is driving me crazy...

First off, the system :

- Asus P5B (without -E, -Deluxe, -whatever)
- Core 2 Duo E6600 at stock
- Zalman CNPS9700 led
- Corsair Twin2X 1024-6400C4
- Enermax Liberty 400W
- Asus 7600GS-Silent (passively cooled) (****ty, but I'm waiting for my 8800GTS to arrive)
- X-Fi Extreme Music (in second PCI slot)
- Maxtor 300GB SATA II
- Lian Li 767 case, Adda 12cm intake fan, Enermax 12cm rear fan (both to be soon replaced with two Noctua 12cm, I'm after a silent system)

Ok, here's the problem, at stock speeds, the system idles at about 40 C, and so does the E6600 (Tc, as per Speedfan and Probe II). TAT reports about 30-31 C for the first core, and 27-28 C for the second one.

The CNPS9700 fan is at about 1900 rpms.

Now, I think the temps are somewhat high, and what is really puzzling me is the about 10 C difference between the cores and the Tc.

Under load (Orthos + TAT, 100% on both cores), the Tc goes up to 56-57 C, and the cores (as per TAT) up to about 42 C.

Here's a graphic of the run (data from TAT) :

56 C on Tc isn't what I'd call a good temperature for stock, even if AS5 is still not cured (I just reapplied it, this time with the credit card method ), and even 42 C on the core is quite high, but what's really strange is that huge difference between the cores and Tc...

Any idea ? Suggestions ? I would like to overclock it to at least 3.2 GHz, but given these temperatures I don't think confident, at all...
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