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Default Re: Quick help needed. E6600 temps, not overclocked.

Originally Posted by Roadhog
No, where intel says the max temp is from ON TOP in the CENTER of the IHS. Not underneath it.
Uh, yep, just reread the specs and you're right. My fault.

By the way, I haven't been able to find out where the thermal diode is placed in the Core 2 Duo... I would guess it's on the bottom in the center of the ihs (well, it would make sense, in my humble opinion) but I could be wrong...

EDIT: and yes, you WILL get up to 10c difference from an uneven heat spreader.
Maybe, but it still doesn't explain why I'm seeing HIGHER temps on the thermal diode (which should be around the Tc temp, I guess) than on the core (the DTS, as read by TAT)... I would expect the DTS reading to be higher than the Tc, not the other way around (and, by the way, this is what I saw in almost every thread on the web about C2D temps)...

Edit: Another thing... The IHS flatness should be defined by the datasheet, with little tolerance, the only thing that could influence it is the retention mechanism, but I don't think it would be enough to really change things dramatically... Dunno, though...
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