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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

Suffered through playing this game since beta2 because I thought, 'hey maybe if I just stick with it, keep submitting bugs and fresh ideas maybe the game will turn out ok.' WRONG! It's really a shame

It just feels like an amateur MMO that was thrown together at the last minute. Maybe a few months after release the game will be alright.


Originally Posted by nrdstrm

Perhaps your hopes were TOO sky high. I didn't go into beta with any preconcieved expectations, so I suppose that could be why I'm enjoying it more than you guys. BTW, I've seen plenty of POSITIVE reviews from beta testers too, so it's not JUST me...
That is a very good point. When I first started playing I was expecting the best MMO ever created, something along the lines of UO or EQ1 that would keep me playing for many years to come. And there are definitly some cool parts of the game, the sheer size of the world for one. They still have a few patches left in them before release, so who knows. And I'll probably still buy the game, just like how I bought all those other fantasy MMOs lol.
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