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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
sorry to rain on YOUR parade, but you have an 8800GTX. Like I said, thats minimum requirement for the game. The game runs fine on my 8800GTX. However, I had a freaking 7950GX2 on that game and it ran like crap. 20's and MAYBE 30's. A game that requires an 8800GTX to play is not a good game in my opinion. Thats just ONE issue with the game. There are LOADS more problems than just graphics issues.

Just as some reference. Magus and I probably know more about MMORPG's than just about anyone on this forum(if not EVERYONE, its very close). The game simply is not good. It has nothing to do with if "I like it or not". Its not a good game. It will fail miserably and Sigil will be a company no longer. I guess thats what you get for trying to please both EQ fans and WoW fans. Two completely different style games that should STAY two completely different style games. If they would have chose either route they would have suceeded just by the name "Brad McQuaid". Sadly they wanted to maximize their profits, got greedy, and tried to please EVERYONE. Perfect recipe for failure.
Err...I won't flame ya cause I like ya , but you didn't see the part where I AGREED with you guys?

And yeah, the game is indeed a big resource hog and many players will be turned off by playing on "low" where the graphics look like EQ...
As to game play we will simply have to agree to disagree. I am enjoying myself with the game...Pure and simple. For you to dismiss my opinion because "You and Magus" know the most about MMO's is extremely arrogant. Magus can tell you I'm a HUGE mmo fan (in fact, thats almost all I play), as we attended E3 together 2 years back. I have played most MMO's on the market, and I don't play "casual" style. I play a more "hardcore" style. I work 5 days a week and still play 6 hours a night on weekdays and 12 hour sessions on my days off. I like you, and always have, but I am dismayed at your holier than thou attitude about MMO's...

**EDIT** I will buy and play the game on launch, but it IS launching too early. I appreciated Brad's candor when he was asked "Why" on the forums. It just sucks. They are out of money, and he plain admitted it. I have no doubt that I will still be playing a year down the line, because IMO it is the best MMO out there atm (IMO). I also know that the first six months with be like beta 6, but gradually things will get ironed out. Please don't think I'm some kind of fan boy. I follow a few other MMO's currently in developement, such as STO and SGW. I wish LOTRO looked better to me, but it just doesn't. Age of Conan MIGHT be interesting, but I'm not following it all that closely. I'm not a Warhammer fan, so I probably won't play that one. I am also curious to see what Bioware does the with SWG rights, because I SO wanted THAT game to be my MMO. I was on the SWG forums 4 years before release, and even before the NGE, I thought it was crap...Maybe SWG is to me what Vanguard is to you guys, but I just don't see it...

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