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Default Re: Languages you know

Programming and natural languages combined:

Write for living:
C (e.g. with Gtk+2.x, Speex, SDL), Perl, sh, English (hard to believe eh), Finnish

Know quite well (would or did write for living):
Java (and JavaScript, including DOM with XHTML), PHP, SQL (experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle in Perl, PHP, C)

Know to some degree:
C++, 6510/6502 assembler, mc680x0 assembler, Swedish

Absolute beginner:
Pascal, Lisp, tcl(/tk), Prolog, Japanese (after two years of relaxed studies at University)

Willing to learn:
Python, C++, OpenGL API, Chinese

The usual stuff:
BASIC (between 1983 - 1994, several dialects), (X)HTML, CSS

All this with vim and most of it with free software.
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