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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
**EDIT** I will buy and play the game on launch, but it IS launching too early. I appreciated Brad's candor when he was asked "Why" on the forums. It just sucks. They are out of money, and he plain admitted it. I have no doubt that I will still be playing a year down the line, because IMO it is the best MMO out there atm (IMO). I also know that the first six months with be like beta 6, but gradually things will get ironed out. Please don't think I'm some kind of fan boy. I follow a few other MMO's currently in developement, such as STO and SGW. I wish LOTRO looked better to me, but it just doesn't. Age of Conan MIGHT be interesting, but I'm not following it all that closely. I'm not a Warhammer fan, so I probably won't play that one. I am also curious to see what Bioware does the with SWG rights, because I SO wanted THAT game to be my MMO. I was on the SWG forums 4 years before release, and even before the NGE, I thought it was crap...Maybe SWG is to me what Vanguard is to you guys, but I just don't see it...
Wow Brad actually said that? I will say that Brad McQuaid is probably the best thing to ever happen to MMORPG's. You can tell he pours his heart and soul into what he does. I do respect that.

I do want Vanguard to suceed. You have no earthly idea how bad I want it to suceed. My ENTIRE website and guild were put together soully because we were going to be "THE" guild for Vanguard. So yes, I've had alot of hopes for the game. When I get on to play, I am dreadfully bored. My guild(who again are ALL Brad McQuaid fanboi's) will not even touch the game. I wanted Vanguard to be MY game as well as my guilds. Its been extremely disappointing to see what it has become. Thats just my opinion.

As a sidenote I will say that my comment about me and Magus knowing more about MMORPG's than people of course did not mean everyone. I know there are people who have played them more than me and know a hell of alot more than me. Me and Magus are really the only ones who are outspoken about MMORPG around here. All I really was trying to say was in our VERY large experience of MMORPG's, Vanguard was a huge disappointment. I didn't mean to step on any toes.
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