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Default Re: Quick help needed. E6600 temps, not overclocked.

Originally Posted by SlieTheSecond
TAT and Core Temp both read the same for me. They read from the digital sensors located in each core.

Probe II reads from sensors near the cpu, so they will be lower. Speedfan, I never used it. Unsure about that one. I would go with what TAT or Core Temp says.
Did you even took the time to read the entire thread, or what ?

I know what TAT and CoreTemp read, and what Speedfan and Probe II. And, by the way, you're wrong. Probe reads from the thermal diode under the IHS, in the cpu. The C2D has both the DTSs in the cores and the classical thermal diode under the IHS. PECI uses the DTS values to determine the required fan speed (that is, if you're using the stock heatsink/fan).

And yeah, it's quite expectable for the thermal diode reading to be lower than the DTS, except that it wasn't for me before enabling PECI in the bios, in fact, it was almost ten degree higher. The problem here is that PECI shouldn't have anything to do with the thermal diode readings, espacially considering that I'm not using the stock hs/fan...
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