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Default Re: 6800 xt overclocked!!!

Originally Posted by emaan
Plz tell me, will this overclocking result in any harm to my card??? Will it affect its lifespan or cause any other trouble? Im not gonna increase the frequencies any further. Should i keep these settings or revert back to the default frequency??
I had my 6800GT running at 405/1110 for nearly two years and it works fine still. (It's not in use though, got a new card). So unless you experience crashes, and it runs stable for a while it shouldn't be a problem.

And, i have intel 2.8GHz D processor...the dual core thing. Is it any better than the conventional intel processors of the same speed, game play wise???
It's better than its single core counterpart, at least in general Windows use, plus some applications and games that take advantage of both cores at the same time. A number of games today do just that, and in the future all of them will.
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