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Default My 6800 Ultra just died

My ASUS 6800 Ultra just went to heaven. It started crashing to the desktop with corrupted colors after hours of online deathmatch. Then one afternoon, it crashed and I had to reboot the pc. The DOS characters in post screen were corrupted, and it refused to boot after posting. I took it out to make sure it wasn't the board that was the problem and put an old Geforce 2 MX400 I had spare. The pc booted to Windows, so it WAS the gfx card. It took it back to the store in Greece I had bought it and within 4 hours, they exchanged the ASUS card with a GeCube X1950Pro AGP/256MB card, AND gave me 91 (300-209) Euros credit to buy something else . That's customer support! Needless to say, having had nvidia cards for over 10 years, I'm very impressed with the ATI card. I have tested 25 games so far until trying to find graphics drivers bugs, but the only one I found was the Xpand rally xtreme demo (strange, given it has an ATI logo in the boot screen). That was a nice free gift for me, before I upgrade to a DX10 card, I'm even considering the ATI alternative now besides the 8800GTX, when it comes out.
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