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Default Re: Zalman 9700NT Anyone Using?

Originally Posted by SlieTheSecond
This actually brings up a question for me.
I have my voltages set higher in bios than I have ever seen pc probe display.
Right now it is showing 1.39v (I just bumped my cpu up to 3.4ghz).

Now in bios I had it set to 1.45v. Prime95 failed after about 10 seconds.
I just bumped it up to 1.5v. Prime95 has so far been going for 10 minutes without errors.

So for it to be stable so far, I had to bump the voltages in bios. Yet in Pc Probe I haven't hit 1.4.

I am confused as to why this is. Any ideas?
The bios on the P5B overrates the voltages. My guess is it does this as a safety measure so users won't damage their chip. Go by what PCProbe says.

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