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Default Re: OpenOffice Hangs

Originally posted by archish
OpenOffice Hangs with 'RenderAcc' option enabled, why is it so.
I am using latest nvidia driver

I assume you ran across my earlier post in this forum. I wish I could give you an answer why this is, but it took me a great amount of time to figure out the RENDER acceleration was the problem.

* Every now and then, when I had that option enabled, I would get a tearing effect in parts of Netscape. After turning that feature off, I haven't noticed that same problem....yet. I don't know if this option affects other apps, but I play it safe and just leave that option off.

thanks for this post...I thought I was the only one having that problem, as I parsed many a Google web site trying to find someone else with the same.


Brian Sladecek
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