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Default Re: Have not tried terminal

Originally posted by yojimbo
Still new at this, a terminal is a 'konsole', right?..

Also, it seems MDK 9.1 comes with several kinsoles, which one is the one everyone uses?
"Everyone" doesn't only use one of them. People use what they like. I like Eterm, but that's because I know how its translucent background works. Konsole (from KDE) works pretty well, xterm works pretty well, and so do the myriad of others. They all run the same shell inside them, though, so anything you can do from one, you should be able to do from all of them.

What is happening now when I try to start a couple of the games is that (this is in KDE, by the way) they show as a title box in the task bar, with an hour glass, and then a few seconds later the title box goes away and nothing happens...
Yeah, that sounds like the games are printing an error message. But when you don't run them from a shell, you never see that error.

Well I tried to start the game from a console with no luck (I dont want to wast your time)
Don't worry about it. What got printed when you ran it from the shell? You might try gamename >log.txt 2>&1, as well (but replace gamename, obviously ), then just attach the log.txt file, but if the messages printed are short, then don't worry about that.
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