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Default Re: post your favorite programming books here.

A few of my favorites...

Programming Microsoft Windows with C#
I don't even code C#, but this is a great book for coding Windows apps with managed languages. I use C++/CLI. Written by Charles Petzol. All game tool writers should be switching to this.

Programming Windows
If you have to code ancient windows eg. Win95 apps, this is a great Win32 book, also by Charles Petzol.

Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice
By Foley and Vandam. The old and great, but still highly relevant computer graphics book.

Intel Processor Manuals
You read correctly, Intel has some of the best documenters around. I could sit in the shade with a glass of orange juice and read their CPU programming manuals all day. If you are writing games, drivers or operating systems, these books (or PDFs) will get you intimate with the hardware. Download these from intels web site.

Snow Crash
Okay, it's not a programming book, but it is about a Pizza Delivery Boy / Hacker in the best Cyber Space roller coaster ride thriller ever, written by the master Neal Stephenson.
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