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Default Re: Possible Graphics Card Problem on Ubuntu 6.10

Originally Posted by tarobs

Thank you very much! I changed my AGP rate in my system BIOS from x4 to x1, and currently, I'm not experiencing the problem anymore. Thank you again!

May I just ask what does the AGP rate do?

Thank you again! You helped me solve my age-old problem.
Glad you got it working
AGPRate is the speed of AGP port. The latest agp cards can support 8x, but since the communications involves not just the graphic cards, but also the chipset/motherboard there can be incompabilities. AGP seems to have been haunted by a few incompabilities and I believe it's due to that fact that it has evolved while beeing used. Eg. AGP started at about 1/2x and ended up with 8x in the latest version. PCI express have from the beginning started on 16x which seems to hold for quite some time. Not even sure that current chipsets can saturate all the bandwidth in practice anyway.
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