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Default (Web) Design for IE7

Any other designer/developers here faced with fixing their IE6/FF hacks in order to accommodate IE7 now?

I have my own web design company and one of my clients came back to me asking for help getting his site up to snuff for IE7 since it has a completely revamped CSS rendering engine. Whereas for IE6, in order to design around it's various bugs and weird standards you could use something to the effect of:


html>body #header{

You were able to have two different styles for both IE6 (the first entry) and FF (the second entry) because IE6 didn't understand the html>body portion in front of the layer ID.

Now...IE7 understands that and it's using the FF styles which is screwing up its look.

I have a feeling this is going to be a pain in the ass trying to recode a third set of styles for IE7. Damn you MS!
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