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Default RAM RAM RAM RAM... :)

How much RAM do you have? Do you only have 1 stick of RAM?

1st... check your bios settings... you can increase the video ram there... that should speed things up a *little* but will take RAM away from system stuff.... best bet is...

MORE RAM... RAM is really cheap these days, and if your using the integrated graphics, then the RAM is shared so you need more than you might think. PLUS and this is *very* important... the nforce is a *dual* DDR setup, meaning that if you add another stick of ram into the second memory channel, you will double your memory bandwidth (thus a big payoff in FPS)... read your manual to see where the memory goes... usually the slots are colour coded so you get it in the right spot...

So... best bet is more RAM (same size as what you already have)... then increase the size of video RAM in BIOS... then check for FPS...

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