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Default Re: Microsoft Content Management Server 2002

Yeah, it's effing terrible.

I was in a 3 hour meeting on Thursday and a 6 hour meeting on Friday with two consultants from Molecular--some technology consulting firm out in Boston--interviewing end users from all different areas and everyone HATES MS CMS.

I have a bunch of phone calls/meetings with them and other people all week, then they come back in 3 weeks for more interviews/discussion and finally again in 7 weeks (from now) with their huge report and advice on where to go from here.

I'm almost positive we'll be getting a new CMS and I for one am excited as hell about it. I hope we get SharePoint 2007 to be perfectly honest. I used 2003 quite a bit and became a pro at InfoPath 2003...from everything I hear, the 2007 version of both are amazing. Since I'm leading this project, hopefully my previous experience has some sway.
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