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Default Re: WoW - post your mains

Originally Posted by lIqUID
this is it EXACTLY! I went from an assasination build to a combat daggers, and now finally Hemo/CloS build with the HWL weapons, epic pvp set. I destroy all caster classes easily, and not having to rely on being behind someone to do decent damage is a big plus for the rest of the classes. The only class that does give me trouble some time is a hemo spec rogue same as myself heh, but thats a matter of who gets the opener.

In AB a couple days ago I was the only player guarding mines, and three warriors roll up from stables. One would think "well Im screwed" I had the one trying to cap the flag dead before the other 2 had a clue, then I kited them around nearly having the second one dead right when the game ended. Im not trying to brag, but all three would have been dead had the game not ended.

We are the reason you see nerf rogue threads. A hemo/CloS rogue is the true God of WOW PVP.
While I agree that Hemo rogues are very deadly, Shadowpriests, Warlocks > Rogues for PvP.
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