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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

Originally Posted by Sgt_Pitt
The game is or could be 1 patch away from running like silk. Since were not developers we dont know

but i can tell you as of the last 2 days the performance has improved again, and they recognise the problem.

Sounds to me like your just interested in the frame rates, and since you couldnt get decent fps during the beta, you wrote it off. its not so much about the FPS, for most people its the HD thrashing thats giving people the problems.

Well the thing with MMO;s is once the game is released its not the end of the fixes.
<looks at own sig> . Yea, looks like I have an 8800GTX. Definitely runs Vanguard as good as I need to. That shoots your theory out of the water. The game is not a patch away from running like silk on ANY PC without an 8800 series card. It is far from complete. It seems like every single day a random person on the beta would say "wow, it looks like I have performance increases!", when in reality it was nothing at all. Even the GM's all said nothing performance wise has changed. Vanguard gives people a false sense of hope that they are actually fixing things, when nothing really is being fixed at all. From beta 2 until right now, I'd say my frames per second have increased maybe 2fps(assuming I still owned a 7900GTX). Thats about it. If you think Vanguard is going to have some type of "miracle patch" that will fix everything, you are sadly mistaken. That shoots another theory out of the water.

Vanguard is just simply a bad game. The graphics could run as seemlessly as Guildwars or Warrock and it would still be a bad game. The quest system is bad. The classes are very unbalanced(in a bad way). The mobs you fight are VERY VERY unbalanced and VERY randomly placed. The art direction in the game is absolutely horrid. All of the zones in the game look pretty much the same. On top of all of that, it just isn't fun. The game feels like a job to play. Even Everquest didn't feel this bad and Everquest was GRIND CITY. I'd take EQ grinding over this Vanguard crap any day. Take ALL the boring/dull/irritating ideas from ALL MMORPG's of all time, add peices of dog crap, put them in a blender, and Vanguard will be your outcome.
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