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Default Re: FX5200, Athlon 64, 9746, Twinview, running very slow

Hi All,
I have installed a new Geforce 5200 Nvidia card from PNY.
Rendering on the local display is working. However, remote
xwindows (on a mac)
is not rendering Java3d output. The GLX versions on the local and remote
displays are different (see below). I would like to debug this
problem by de-installing the nvidia card and using local
CPU (i.e. slow) rendering in order to make sure that all is OK.
I have an intel mobo and am running Fedora 6. I had
done a:
yum install kmod-nvidia
setsebool -P allow_execmod=1
init 3
nvidia-config-display enable
init 5

Since this is a 3rd party vendor card, I tried a
rpm -Va

The glxinfo follows. Am I doing something dumb?

- Doug

name of display:
display: screen: 0
direct rendering: No
server glx vendor string: SGI
server glx version string: 1.2
server glx extensions:
GLX_ARB_multisample, GLX_EXT_visual_info, GLX_EXT_visual_rating,
GLX_EXT_import_context, GLX_SGI_make_current_read
client glx vendor string: SGI
client glx version string: 1.4
client glx extensions:
GLX_ARB_get_proc_address, GLX_ARB_multisample, GLX_EXT_import_context,
GLX_EXT_visual_info, GLX_EXT_visual_rating, GLX_MESA_allocate_memory,
GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer, GLX_MESA_swap_control,
GLX_MESA_swap_frame_usage, GLX_OML_swap_method, GLX_OML_sync_control,
GLX_SGI_make_current_read, GLX_SGI_swap_control, GLX_SGI_video_sync,
GLX_SGIS_multisample, GLX_SGIX_fbconfig, GLX_SGIX_pbuffer,
GLX_SGIX_visual_select_group, GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap
GLX version: 1.2
GLX extensions:
GLX_ARB_get_proc_address, GLX_ARB_multisample, GLX_EXT_import_context,
GLX_EXT_visual_info, GLX_EXT_visual_rating, GLX_SGI_make_current_read
OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL renderer string: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX OpenGL Engine
OpenGL version string: 1.1 NVIDIA-1.4.18
OpenGL extensions:
GL_ARB_imaging, GL_ARB_multitexture, GL_ARB_point_parameters,
GL_ARB_texture_cube_map, GL_ARB_texture_env_add,
GL_ARB_texture_env_combine, GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar,
GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3, GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat,
GL_ARB_texture_rectangle, GL_ARB_transpose_matrix, GL_ARB_window_pos,
GL_EXT_abgr, GL_EXT_bgra, GL_EXT_blend_color, GL_EXT_blend_minmax,
GL_EXT_blend_subtract, GL_EXT_clip_volume_hint,
GL_EXT_draw_range_elements, GL_EXT_fog_coord, GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays,
GL_EXT_point_parameters, GL_EXT_rescale_normal, GL_EXT_secondary_color,
GL_EXT_separate_specular_color, GL_EXT_stencil_wrap,
GL_EXT_texture_edge_clamp, GL_EXT_texture_env_add,
GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias, GL_EXT_texture_rectangle, GL_APPLE_packed_pixels,
GL_ATI_texture_env_combine3, GL_ATIX_texture_env_combine3,
GL_IBM_texture_mirrored_repeat, GL_NV_blend_square,
GL_NV_texgen_reflection, GL_NV_texture_rectangle, GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap,
GL_SGIS_texture_edge_clamp, GL_SGIS_texture_lod, GL_SUN_multi_draw_arrays
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