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Default Re: Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

Originally Posted by dsessom
Blu-Ray is going to be the next Betamax - not HD-DVD.

Blu-Ray is too expensive, and the PS3 flopped in a big way pretty much leaving HD-DVD as the only viable HD format.
Well I thought you knew better as you were born long time before the day of Betamax and VHS.

VHS actually was too expensive at 799 ($1,546.90) for top models in 1985 while all retailers in my town removed Betamax tapes from shelves and sold all Betamax recorders at big discounts as little as 150 ($290) all gone in a few days after Betamax reteated and then Betamax vanished from the face of UK in 1988 after Sony admitted defeated and backed VHS 100%.

PS3 is not flopped, it had very successful launch and about 2 months to the last day of 2006, Sony shipped 1.01 million PS3s worldwide excepted Europe.

It seemed that the consumers now know what format they want, now expensive Blu-ray players catch up and they are outsell cheap HD-DVD players. It expensive VHS vs cheap Betamax deja vu all over again.
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